Cityscapes / Landscapes

A 8 track fusion album (37m 30s) — released April 15th 2016 on Jazzman


The title of the opening track on 'Cityscapes' is 'Ingen Reklam (Tack)' which translated from the Swedish literally means 'no advertising (thanks)' but is taken to mean 'no junk mail'. Apparently, this is written on all the letter boxes in Sweden! Electric piano, bass and drums lay down an insistent groove shortly enjoined by the scintillating brass section à la Elton Dean-era Soft Machine and if that isn't enough there's a coruscating guitar solo from Andreas Hedstrom.

'Pluribus' is essential funk but with added oomph and a tricky time signature. One significant fact about these early recordings is that Trevor Walker on trumpet and flugelhorn has been an

essential, constant presence, alongside Foat since the inception of the group and has imbued the music with its characteristic edge. Walker is first to solo, eloquently, on this grooving number. 'View From The Hill' is a serene piano solo affording a very brief, quiet interlude. 'Solaris (Parts 1 & 2)' follows; the title of which derives from the frequent science fiction allusions to Greg Foat's compositions. The ensemble head here is a gorgeous and memorable melody and once again we hear from Trevor Walker first and then it's Foat's turn on piano before the piece concludes by returning to the head arrangement and a fade out ending.


Greg Foat wrote the four pieces for 'Cityscapes' whilst he was a session pianist and nightclub DJ in Sweden's capital city for almost a year. Following a move back to his native Isle of Wight, he then wrote 'Landscapes' in recognition of his contrasting life and times. A lone arco bass lugubriously opens 'Dawn' with wave-like piano and a hovering seagull cry from flute and occasional splashing cymbals. Thus the scene is set for this record's predominantly bucolic theme.

The flute on 'Paper Kites' is reminiscent of the doyen of that instrument, the late, great Harold McNair, replete with some 'wild flute'. Indeed the underlying swing of this fast-paced number possesses all the panache that was the trademark of that often overlooked hero of British modern jazz. 'Landscapes' begins as a slow, pastoral track with the melody gently evinced by the group's stalwart trumpeter, Trevor Walker. Half-way through the number the tempo and volume pick up, transforming the piece into a real toe-tapper and there's more deft soloing from trumpet and flute, all underpinned by solid piano, bass and drums. The final number, 'Dusk' is something of a brief reprise of the opener, certainly in feel, with once more an underlying arco bass and mellifluous piano closing this perfectly balanced set.

The Greg Foat Group 'Cityscapes'


Side A Ingen Reklam (tack) Pluribus Side B View from the Hill Solaris (parts 1&2)


The Greg Foat Group


JMANLP.087 Side A Dawn Paper kites Side B Landscapes Dusk

· All tracks never before released

· Only 600 of each 10" pressed

· Shiny metallic silver/gold sleeves

· CD with ALL music + 4 page colour booklet

· Exclusive for Record Store Day 2016

· Only on Jazzman - all because WE DIG DEEPER!

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